Expected outputs of the project (tangible and visible outputs or products relating to project activities)

BIO2CARE applies an integrated approach responding to PAs entire environmental systems. It will deliver a wide range of differentiated outputs. Its main deliverables are: 

(D.1) a set of studies

(D.2) one set of monitoring equipment fully operational per country

(D.3) 2 sets of ICT applications and e-tools for valorising studies and data produced from monitoring systems per country

(D.4) two small infrastructures certified for disabled people use

(D.5) one common eco-labelling scheme

(D.6) training sessions, and 

(D.7) one Policy Recommendations Report. 

D.1, D.2, D.3 will form the essential components of one integrate Decision Support System (DSS) per country, that could operate separately or jointly on CB area. Those 3 elements will eternally feedback each other.D.4, D.5, D.6 will feedback DSS. 

Lessons-learned during BIO2CARE implementation and scientific results from studies will form the D.7 output, will be discussed during last quarter of project with local, regional and national authorities.

D.1: One set of studies including a methodology, current situation analysis and SWOT analysis studies

D.2: Monitoring networks (e.g. piezoelectric and sound sensors, surveillance drones, sound-sensitive lights etc.) which operate in two different levels: high-tech monitoring of fauna and flora and high-tech monitoring of illegal activities.

D.3: Two (2) e-tools/software for estimating the carrying capacity in the areas of interest (BIO2CARE Calc) and for examining, assessing and proposing potential symbiotic activities (BIO2CARE Symbiosis) and Two (2) smart applications (OSX/Android) for facilitating and promoting green tourism (BIO4TOURISM).

D.4: Pathways for recreational purposes and birdwatching for handicapped and disabled.D.5: Development and implementation of a sustainability labelling scheme including varying certification levels.D.6: Two (2) Training sessions regarding the use of BIO2CARE Software and Two (2) targeted workshops regarding BIO2CARE labelling scheme.