- Technical reports

High-tech monitoring system in the areas of interest (fauna/flora & illegal activities)

Cameras - Ultrasound detectors 

Protected Areas (PR) are characterized by the unique flora and fauna, as well as the habitats that are present and well preserved in them. Both biodiversity and habitats conservation and improvement are the goals to be accomplished by the Management Bodies of the PR. Endangered species’ presence in PR indicates the environmental value of the area, thus continuous flora and fauna monitoring is thought essential. In addition, monitoring offers the necessary data for calculating the abundance of endangered species, which is required for planning the management strategy for the PR and choosing the implementation of better management Actions. 

For the monitoring of fauna in Nestos Delta Natura 2000 site two different monitoring systems were purchased. A set of five (5) trail cameras and an ultrasound recording unit have been selected for monitoring of mammals.

Sound Meters

Illegal activities in Protected Areas (PR) are one of the main reasons for habitat loss and degradation of the ecosystem in total. Mitigating illegal activities is necessary for the benefit of environment, the local economy and the social cohesion of the surrounding areas. Monitoring activities in Nestos Delta is important both for natural habitats, as well as for flora and fauna conservation. 

For the monitoring of illegal activities three (3) sets of high-tech monitoring systems, with the use of sound level meters, have been purchased and settled in the field. Each set is consisted by one (1) sound level meter, one (1) logger, two (2) solar panels connected to two (2) rechargeable batteries. The points of the installment is shown in Appendix II. 


Human activity, climate change and extreme natural events are reshaping and transforming the landscape that we live in. Natural resources are being affected and there is a need for sustainable use and management of land and water. For this reason, an integrated management system is needed which will monitor and evaluate related data, collected or obtained. 

A UAV model (fixed wing, ebeeX) and satellites’ data will be used for this task. 

The above tools along with various s/w developed in the project, such as the BIO2CARE Monitoring software, Calc tool and SYmbiosis tool are described in this Draft Report.

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