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3rd Project Meeting, in Blagoevgrad

The 3rd Project Steering Committee Meeting of the Project “BIO2CARE” took place in the Rectorate Building of South-West University Neofit-Rilski, Blagoevgrad, Buglaria, on 16-17 of April 2019. 

In total, 17 participants representing all 8 Project Beneficiaries (PBs) participated in the meeting. 

Based on the discussions during the meeting the Project Steering Committee decided that: 

  • The next Project Steering Committee meeting will be held in Xanthi, Greece, between 14/10/19 – 16/10/19. 
  • The partners aggreed on a possible 9 month extension of the project for the succesfull completion of every work package. 
  • All the necessary actions for the successful submission of the 4th progress report, will be completed until the end of June.
  • Every partner will initiate the procedures for the evaluation of the project in due time, by filling the relevant self-evaluation matrix provided by the LB. 
  • The second project newsletter will be completed within May 2019.
  • Every partner is responsible for providing content for the successful operation of the BIO2CARE website and social media campaign. 
  • PB7 will update every PB within a month, regardin the state of the two smart applications 
  • The ESAmeA visit in the Rila National Park for the construction of the Pathway will happen during May of 2020.
  • PB3 stated that the infrustracture works for the pathway for Deliverable 4.2, will be concluded by October 2019. 

For more details, please refer to the attached Minutes of the 3rd Project Meeting.


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