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5th Project Meeting (online)

On Thursday May 21st, the Steering Committee Meeting of the Project “BIO2CARE” held a teleconference meeting, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, discussing the remaining works and obligations. 

Based on the discussion during the meeting the Project Steering Committee decided that: 

  • Project beneficiaries will make comments to the Table of Content for the Evaluation Report (originally mailed at 29 April 2020), and decide the format of the final study. 
  • The 3rd Newsletter will be completed in the coming days, while the 4th newsletter will be ready upon completion of the project. 
  • Regarding the external event, the possibility of attending an online event was discussed (due to COVID-19 restrictions). 
  • Construction work of the pathways are planned to be finished upon completion of the project. Based on this timeframe, PB5 demanded a 3-month extension of the project in order to facilitate Deliverable 5.4. 
  • Following the proposal of PB5, all project beneficiaries agreed on the 3-month extension of the project 
  • PB8 mentioned that the completion of the two smart application are on track, while waiting some final information from PB4 and PB3. 
  • Remaining workshops and training sessions from WP5 will be completed through teleconference (again due to the COVID-19 restrictions).

For more details, please refere to the attached Minutes of the 5th Project Meeting.