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Poster presented at the OpenEarth 2020 Conference

On February 12-14, 2020, the Balkan Road Project funded by the Interreg Balkan-Mediterranean Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 organized an international conference in Thessaloniki dedicated to climate change adaptation and mitigation. 

Representative of PB9, the Pirin Tourism Forum, attended the conference and presented the BIO2CARE Project via a poster and some of the already published promo materials were disseminated among other participants. 

The focus was laid on the Life Cycle Assessment Approach (LCA) and its application to the project areas in Bulgaria and Greece, which was the subject of a special research and report under BIO2CARE. 

The poster presented shortly the project itself (goals, partners, activities, expected results), the methodology of LCA of project territories, identified symbiotic activities within the research area, LCA of the existing situation and key conclusions on LCA of the symbiotic scenarios.

Poster title: Innovative methods for a more effective management of the environment

Authors: Markovska Simana (Project Management Expert, Chairperson of NGO Pirin Tourism Forum, and Ivanova Gergana (PR & Marketing Expert, VAMO Ltd. Agency for Marketing & Advertisement,


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