BIO2CARE project’s overall objective is “To reinforce PA MBs efficiency and effectiveness in an innovative and integrated approach”. This is in full compliance with CBC GR-BG 2014-2020 objective, as it promotes territorial cooperation in a very concrete and well-defined approach. BIO2CARE main objective is to enhance PA MBs administrative capacities for the benefit of biodiversity as well as of local communities. This is in full compliance with programme’s priority specific objective: “To enhance the effectiveness of biodiversity protection activities”. 

As it is declared on Priority Axis 2, justification “Thematic integration …result in better overall management of the environmental system”, BIO2CARE applies an integrated approach responding to PAs entire environmental systems. The BIO2CARE proposed decision-making platform could become a valuable tool for understanding the activities and quantifying their respective impacts on biodiversity (e.g. measuring ecological footprint, carbon footprint and water footprint). 

The monitoring activities proposed will give a competitive advantage in managing bodies to enhance their capabilities of protecting the areas of interest and mitigating illegal activities. Small infrastructures like pathways accessible by disabled people will make PAs more attractive to new audience never been attracted so far, while attracting new target groups for neighbouring businesses. At the same time this will be PAs’ contribution to social coherence. To further support entrepreneurship on surrounding areas, BIO2CARE will establish the process of awarding an ecolabel, a quality scheme that will help local businesses to show a qualitative distinction, surpassing competitors.