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1st Project Meeting, in Blagoevgrad

The 1st Project Steering Committee Meeting of the Project “BIO2CARE” took place in the Bachinovo Sport Centre in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria on 16-18 of April 2018. 

In total, 23 participants representing all 9 Project Beneficiaries (PBs) participated in the meeting. 

Based on the discussions during the meeting the Project Steering Committee decided that:

  • The next Project Steering Committee meeting will be held in Greece, between 20/10/18 – 15/11/18. 
  • All the necessary actions for the successful submission of the 2nd progress report will be completed until the end of June.  LB will initiate the procedures for the evaluation of the project in due time.
  • The Communication Plan must be completed and delivered in the first days of June. 
  • The first project newsletter will be completed within one month from the 1st PSC meeting. 
  • BIO2CARE website will be up and running within one month from the 1st PSC meeting. 
  • Every partner is responsible for providing content for the successful operation of the BIO2CARE website. 
  • LB will send relevant information for the successful completion and implementation of the methodological framework developed under WP3. 
  • LB will provide specific contents and tasks for Deliverables 3.3 and 3.4 to all partners involved. 
  • PB7 and PB5 will communicate in order to ensure the accessibility of the visitor centre.

For more details, please refer to the attached Minutes of the 1st Project Meeting. 


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